Some Facts about Beaver’s Exceptional CIT Program

13886385_10154203902681210_2956137539610811932_nSome details you probably already know about the CIT Program at Beaver:

  • CITs are younger than counselors, between the ages of 13 and 15 (and entering grades 8, 9 or 10).
  • CITs are the energetic young folks you see on campus proudly wearing the orange Beaver t-shirts.
  • CITs are mature and love spending time with kids!
  • CITs assist counselors in supporting the camper experience in a wide variety of ways.
  • Most CITs are aspiring counselors, and many assume the role of junior counselor at Beaver as soon after their training is completed.

A few details you might not know about the CIT Program at Beaver:13680727_10154181309086210_9217298450270228987_n

  • There are two CIT sessions each summer, both of which span four weeks.
  • There are usually approximately 30 CITs in the program each session.
  • CIT sessions usually begin with a day or more of orientation and bonding activities (a favorite and successful activity is the Trust Fall!)
  • CITs have the opportunity to request the division or camp program with which they work, which changes every week or so to broaden their experience base.
  • CITs receive ongoing feedback throughout their program, in the form of evaluations by their directors and commendations and recommendations by counselors.
  • CITs set personal objectives and self-assess periodically.
  • CITs usually depart from campus on excursions twice per session, often an overnight. Just this week their camping expedition to Black Rock State Park in Connecticut was followed by a day at Lake Compounce amusement Park.
  • CITs must apply to be admitted to the program and spots are limited (so if you’re interested, check in early!)
  • CITs learn and practice behavior management, team-building, communication, and activity leadership, among a host of other valuable and practical skills.
  • Over the course of a session, CITs support and encourage one another and develop strong and long-lasting friendships.     

Check out more information about the Counselor-in-Training program at Beaver, and take a look at a photo album featuring this summer’s CITs.