Take It From One Who Knows – CIT Reflections

11403384_10153337590511210_9095610589163036273_nThe following article was written by Grace, who has been a Counselor in Training at Beaver for two summers.

The CIT experience can be summed up in three words: challenging, entertaining, and rewarding.

The responsibilities can be challenging at times. When you have to set up lunch for twenty campers in less than twenty minutes, or calm down a crying kid, it can feel difficult. As a counselor in training, these are also some of the most important training experiences. You learn how to act quickly. Whether you’re grabbing a tray to do the more lunches at once or thinking of a hilarious joke that you know a camper will enjoy, you learn how to do it and do it fast.

Beaver Summer Camp is incredibly entertaining. When you’re a CIT, there are always kids excited to see you! Every activity is engaging, and there is always some way you can help out. This makes it easy to feel useful and needed. You get to learn song after song to sing with your campers, dance after dance, game after game. You are never bored, especially if you take the time to get to know each camper personally in your group.

Being a CIT is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. In the form of constructive evaluations, I’ve learned so much. The advice has helped me outside of camp too. It has helped me to take more initiative and try to engage with new people. Another rewarding experience for CITs is connecting with campers. Knowing how to make them smile by complimenting them on something they’ve worked hard on makes you feel exceptional. When you are a CIT, campers will run up to you yelling your name and give you a massive hug. That made my day numerous times. Knowing that I did such a good job, that I was remembered by them, made me feel like I was important. It’s a great way to spend a summer.

For more details about the CIT program, or to learn how to apply, read more here.