“The Beaver Way”

The Beaver WayFor families of past Beaver campers, you’ve very likely overheard your campers make reference to “The Beaver Way.” We make it our camp-wide focus to use this phrase among campers and staff as the way to describe those behaviors or actions we value here at Beaver. For example, “The Beaver Way” includes a willingness to try something new, being a good friend, showing positive support for others, demonstrating enthusiasm, persistence in the face of challenge, etc. Our primary goal across all of our programs is to develop good people by instilling positive values and building important character traits.

During staff training, we devote a significant amount of time to how we intentionally build character through the Beaver camp experience. We place our focus on grit, zest, humor, creativity, self-control, curiosity, social intelligence, fairness, and kindness. Counselors and activity specialists find all sorts of creative ways to design their programming around these character traits and directly discuss them with our campers. With each character trait, we seek to name it, find it, integrate it, and praise it. We believe this is how we can make the greatest and most important impact on the lives of our campers as they grow and develop here among caring role models.

So this summer as you drive your campers home, ask them whether they showed any grit or zest in their activities!