The last Golden Beaver Challenge: counselor edition

Campers enjoying the Golden Beaver Challenge

One of the best parts of being a Middle Camper is getting to partake in the weekly Middle Camp Golden Beaver Challenges. The Golden Beaver Challenge is an event where all the Middle Camp groups compete in crazy fun competitions for the coveted golden beaver trophy.

This summer we had so many great golden Beaver Challenges! For this year’s competitions campers made movie trailers, choreographed a group dance, wrote the lyrics for a camp themed song, competed in an olympic style sports competition, had an art show, and more.

Campers at the Golden Beaver Challenge

Each Friday, Middle Campers competed in these event before three camp specialist judges. The judges observed the activities and then scored each group based off things like group involvement, overall message, and creativity. The top three performing groups won the gold, silver, and bronze beavers. There was also a special beaver award called the Sportsmanship Beaver, which was given each week to the group that showed good sportsmanship throughout the previous week of camp.

The last Golden Beaver Challenge was the annual Counselor Challenge. Instead of campers competing for the golden beaver trophy, counselors represented their group in three epic challenges.

The first challenge was a battle of knowledge. Counselors were given a category and had to name as many items that they could think of from that category. The categories were things like modes of transportation, types of birds, state capitals, and more.

Counselors at the Golden Beaver Challenge

Next was the food challenge. Counselors had to eat a donut off a hockey stick blindfolded. The person who ate the donut the fastest would win, but if the donut fell off the hockey stick, then that person would lose.

A counselor doing the food challenge

Lastly was the shoe scramble. In this event, counselors had to crab walk across the gym put on their shoes and then run back to the other side. The first one to complete this race won.

The shoe scramble

Through all of the challenges, the Middle Campers cheered loudly for all the counselors. It was great to see so much team sprit and good sportsmanship from all the Middle Campers watching.

Danceing at the Golden Beaver Challenge