Brave campers take the Leap of Faith

Camper doing the Leap of Faith

Adventure Challenge is a class and elective where campers climb up into the air on our ropes coarse. During this elective Senior Campers sometimes (if they are lucky) get to do the Leap of Faith.

Here is how the Leap of Faith works. One at a time, campers climb up a pole to the top of the ropes course and then climb onto a platform. Up there they have the option to either jump out into the air or to jump and hit a hanging ball. On the count of three, the camper takes a giant leap of faith and jumps into the air for a moment, before being lowered down by their counselors.

Camper doing the Leap of Faith

On this particular Leap of Faith day, some campers were nervous but others were completely confident. Most of the Senior Campers who took the challenge have been coming to Beaver Summer Camp for a while and have been climbing higher and higher at Adventure Challenge each year. Now as Senior Campers, they are no longer scared of our tall ropes course and love the thrill of the Leap of Faith challenge.

“At the start, it was really kind of scary, but when you got the hang of it it was really fun,” said one senior camper.

Watch this video to see some brave campers take a Leap of Faith.