THIS Is Middle Camp!

10996038_10153388985961210_6461748548485952160_n (1)Just what makes Middle Camp the place to be? The place where all of the 6 and 7 year olds want to be all day every day? When asked, Middle Campers and their counselors had the following to say about their beloved niche at Beaver Camp:

Middle Camp is…

  • Choices, choices and more choices!
  • Longer days and we love that!
  • Silly antics
  • Support and guidance in making good decisions
  • Joy… joy… joy
  • Awesome counselors!
  • More independence
  • Supportive friends
  • Free swim, drama, and archery!
  • Gaga!
  • Feeling loved and encouraged by your counselors
  • Building cool things in Imagination Station
  • A sense of community
  • Incredible, enthusiastic, and super-nice counselors
  • 6 activities a day!
  • Loyalty to your group
  • Trying new things in a safe and inclusive environment
  • A healthy balance of structure and flexibility
  • The street hockey pit!
  • Pride in getting older and trying new things
  • Golden Beaver Challenges every Friday!
  • Backyard fun
  • Lots of swimming!
  • Friendship
  • One two three eyes on me – One two eyes on you!
  • Feeling sad when Friday ends

Finally, Middle Camp is… jumping up and down and squealing to tell me how much they love Middle Camp!