Three Is.

13557934_10154113131251210_3673687682629113738_nWe love our littlest campers! They’re off to a fun and fantastic start this week, and camp just wouldn’t be the same without them. But they are truly a special bunch, in a class all their own. Three means many things during the summer at Beaver…

Three means curiously exploring your new summer environment.

Three means asking oh-so-many questions!

Three means being super-excited about trying new things at camp.

Three means making new Bunny and Duckling and Kitten  – and counselor! – friends.

Three means carrying towels that are twice as long as you are to and from the pool.

Three means walking up and down the stairs around camp – very slowly!

Three means standing on a stool to wash your hands with lots of soap!

Three means communicating your needs and being sweetly stubborn at times.

Three means sensitive to your new friends’ feelings and reacting kindly.

Three means not always able to share – but working on it!

Three means helping counselors to clean up play spaces.

Three means Yo Zumba and Story Theater and Little Builders fun!

Three means putting your finger on the wall… when you’re walking down the hall.

Three means adorable pronunciation and silly sayings. 

Three means cruising around the Tot Spot on awesome new plasma cars.

Three means coping with being tired after a long and fun-filled day at Beaver Camp!