Upper Camp Delights in First Campfire of the Summer!

13709851_10154161928686210_3158721713045094970_nWhat a way to start the week! Monday morning’s event had all of the makings of a perfect campfire – songs, skits, jokes, stories, dancing, even a harmonica. And of course there was a homemade, incredibly realistic, and completely safe campfire! Upper Campers were happily entertained by their silly and talented counselors, participated in repeat-after-me, do-as-I-do songs, and some campers even got in on the action. Here are two witty jokes told by enthusiastic Upper Campers (see answers at bottom of article):

  1. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a viper?
  2. Why is it a bad idea to play hide and seek with a mountain?

Adventurer counselors performed a funny skit about an invisible bench and led the audience in singing a camp-favorite, “Bazooka Bubble Gum”. Challenger counselors’ J Crew skit was a hit as well. Pioneer counselors boldly performed a hilarious lip sync medley featuring such songs as “Eye of the Tiger” and a timeless Spice Girls smash.

Thanks, Director Andrew Winston, for enthusiastically emceeing the popular Upper Camp event, leading songs, and narrating the captivating almost-scary story. Director Co-director Joe Soloff shared a funny pretty pretty princess-pegasus-unicorn story as well. Ask your camper to tell you all about it, and to model the songs for you! Here are the lyrics for “My Highland Goat” – have your camper to demonstrate the motions.

“My Highland Goat “Lyrics

My highland goat

Was feeling fine

He ate three shirts

Off my back line

I took a stick

Gave him a whack

And tied him to

The railway track

The whistle blew

The train drew nigh

My highland goat

Was sure to die

I took a knife

And cut that rope

And set him free

My highland goat

My highland goatie-oatie-oatie-oatie-oat

Was feeling finey-iney-iney-iney-ine

He ate three shirty-irty-irty-irty-irts

Off my back liney-iney-iney-iney-ine

I took a sticky-icky-icky-icky-ick

Gave him a whacky-acky-acky-acky–ack

And tied him tooey-ooey-ooey-ooey-oo

The railway tracky-acky-acky-acky-ack

The whistle blewie-ewie-ewie-ewie-ewe

The train drew nighey-ighey-ighey-ighey-igh

My highland goatie-oatie-oatie-oatie-oat

Was sure to die-ee-i-ee-i-ee-i-ee-i

I took a knifey-ifey-ifey-ifey-ife

And cut that ropey-opey-opey-opey-ope

And set him free-e-ee-e-ee-e-ee-e-ee

My highland goatie-oatie-oatie-oatie-oat


Joke answers:

  1. Frostbite
  2. Because it always peaks