Welcome to the Jungle… and the Speedway… and the Golf Course!

13528843_10154113152891210_3228095726192754459_nWhat an amazing first day at Beaver Camp it was! Campers had a blast reconnecting and making new friends, getting to know their incredible counselors, swimming in the clear blue waters of the pools, and enjoying awesome activities like singing, dancing, creating art, playing sports. In addition, several exciting new diversions were launched today – to the utter delight of campers of all ages!

The Jungle

A perfect escape from the sun, with cool breezes and cool climbing and playing structures. When asked, Middle Camp Skippers, including Liam, Enzo, Milo, and Matthew, said that among their favorite things to do in Beaver’s new play space were spinning on the donut, balance-walking on the logs, getting inside the tee-pee, climbing over rocks, playing Ga-ga ball in the huge new pit, and of course, sitting on the logs and chatting with new friends.


What could be better than three hours of instruction and play at nearby Putterham Golf Club? According to Upper Camper Ezra, it was the perfect way to spend his first morning at Beaver. He greatly appreciated the expertise from the super-nice instructors, the time in the shade, reviewing the skills and techniques, and making new friends who shared his interest in the sport.  

Pedal Karts

Look out NASCAR, Beaver Camp has a new speedway, and it’s already hugely popular! Specialist Justin introduced adventurous thrill-seekers to the five colorful new fun and safe cycles, and they were off and cruising! 13-year-old senior camper James chose the Pedal Karts for nearly all of his electives today! Check them out when you have a chance!