Well-Versed Campers Brag about Beaver

Check out this great ra11698535_10153332928841210_5421501533770892443_np written by participants in last session’s Upper and Senior camp drama elective with Tal Heller. The verse, recited during the Fourth of July celebration last Thursday, really captures the essence of why we all love Beaver Summer Camp!

Beaver, our camp, is on Chestnut Hill

So much to do, what a thrill!

Beaver is so great, at lunch we clean our plate!

There’s gymnastics and music and the gaga pit,

So tired by the end that we gotta sit!

Free swim is a blast and the water’s so cool,

We wanna swim all day, never leave the pool!

Hope to pass the test for the deep end,

I really want to play with my friend!

At Adventure Challenge we climb so high,

It feels so awesome to touch the sky!

The Golden Beaver Challenge is lots of fun.

It’s exciting to work with everyone.

It’s so easy at Beaver to make memories.

“Mom, can I go next summer please?”