What are campers making in Design Lab?

Robot Soccer

Design Lab is a favorite elective and class at Beaver Summer Camp. It combines creativity and innovation to allow campers to design and build a wide variety of projects and crafts. It also allows campers to use their imagination to envision what they want to make and then gives them the support to bring those ideas to life.

Design Lab instructors Mark Evans, Michelle Morganelli, Evy Dibble, and Madeline Tallarico, teach campers of all ages how to design and build projects appropriate for their group’s age level. For example, the five year old Lower Campers make projects like coffee filter flowers and slime, Middle Campers make projects like bouncy balls and hidden treasure bottles, and Upper and Senior Campers create their own superheroes, arcade games, and musical instruments.

A camper making slime

In Design Lab, campers have access to raw materials like cardboard, paint, styrofoam, pipe cleaners, and more. They also have access to cool electronic robots (for robot soccer), kits that allow campers to build proximity detectors, and podcast recording equipment.

Campers bilging instruments

Each week, campers get to make a new project and learn new building and design techniques. They also learn how to keep a positive mindset when working on their projects by putting forward their best effort, and learning from their mistakes.

Check out a video about the week campers made their own superheroes and villains.

Watch another video about the week campers made their own arcade games.