What Happens When it Rains at Camp?

11880551_10153433849866210_3068900162805675364_nFortunately, we haven’t had to ask the question much at all this summer. And even when the meteorologists predicted precipitation, somehow the skies above Beaver stayed clear and bright nearly every day of all four sessions.

For a few hours yesterday, however, the rains were really coming down. Luckily, it was only sprinkling during drop off, and the rain stayed largely at bay while campers and counselors got to their designated spots to gear up for their fantastic activities.

Rest assured that there is a structured rainy day schedule that we follow when needed, and with all of our terrific indoor facilities and resources, all groups that would otherwise have been outdoors have a comfortable, dry place to gather and play in the event of heavy rains. Periodically throughout the day, brave and adventurous groups were outside playing on the playground or on the fields – or even in the pool!

That’s because there’s still swimming on rainy days! As long as the skies are free from thunder and lightning, the lifeguards are on duty and kids are delightedly frolicking in the pool. This was the case for several hours yesterday, as kids had even more fun than usual in this unexpected aquatics adventure. Middle campers, for example, were offered a choice of whether to splash around outside or stay dry and constructive in Imagination Station.

Instead of swimming, some Lower Camper were accompanied by lifeguards in their classrooms where they played engaging and exciting games like Duck Duck Goose. Not surprisingly, the little ones loved sharing their space with their red-shirted friends!

Awesome outdoor activities like Ga-Ga and Street Hockey are simply transitioned indoors to Gym A on rainy days, where counselors lead campers in equally exhilarating dry games. Use is also made of dry and cooler indoor spaces such as the Black Box. Our yummy chicken tenders lunch, for example, was served in Bradley Hall. It’s always fun – for campers and staff – to switch things up now and again.

Counselors and specialists came up with cool ideas to pass the time inside yesterday. For example, the Senior Camp fishing elective took place inside! Campers spiritedly fished for magnetic fish in The Cove. Upper Campers eagerly spent time preparing for this week’s campfire, helping counselors prepare funny skits and cool songs for the anticipated event. Middle Campers had a blast creating bubble floats in Nature. Some campers made colorful loop bracelets. Others freed their inner artists coloring Minion drawings. Some played the Fruit Salad game. Some Middle Camp groups even spent time organizing their classrooms to prep for this week’s Golden Beaver Challenge! As always, we at Beaver take lemons and make lemonade!

So it’s no surprise to us that your campers came home yesterday after a wet but wonderful day as tired, happy, and excited to tell you about their days as usual!