What is a Golden Beaver Challenge anyway?


Golden Beaver Challenges, or GBCs for short, have constituted a treasured and time-honored tradition in Middle Camp for eight years now. They’re weekly events that cultivate camper collaboration in our nine camper groups and culminate in various creations and performances.

GBC highlights from recent summers have included colorful and creative art exhibits, impressively entertaining dance routines, educational skits, hilarious fashion shows, and thrilling physical competitions. Each Friday after lunch, campers or counselors from Middle Camp showcase the fruits of their group’s endeavor, and guest judges from around camp vote to determine winners. Trophies in the form of Gold, Silver, and Bronze-painted Beavers, made by generous Art specialists, are awarded to groups that earn first, second and third place in the event.

Friday Golden Beaver Challenges are much-anticipated events, and they are looked back on fondly long after the summer is over. During the course of each week, as a result of this tradition, hard work is put forth by our six and seven year olds, teamwork is developed, emotions are invested, valuable lessons in sportsmanship are learned, and long-lasting memories are made.

Check out this video featuring last week’s Golden Beaver Challenge, in which campers invented stories to explain the origin and history of their group names. Next up this week: Mascot creations!