Young Camper Creates Camp Masterpiece!

FullSizeRender (52)They say that A Picture Tells a Thousand Words. Well, not surprisingly, this mural has surely already elicited at least a thousand smiles! The stunning piece of work has been hanging outside the camp office since the start of Session Four, and passers-by continuously stop to appreciate this impressive piece that captures the sunshine and happiness that epitomizes Beaver Camp. What’s the story behind the mural, though?

To begin with, it’s made by a camper! Last session, the morning Art elective gave camper Emma Sheola the opportunity to capture what she loves about summer. Emma was inspired to create a mural representing the different aspects of camp. Working under a two and a half hour time constraint per day for four days, Emma and Art Specialist Zara Woodhead thoughtfully combined their artistic creativities to compose a portrait of the camp. The piece features four adorable campers, one from each General Camp division. Our beloved Beaver stands proudly in the middle of the 8’x10’ mural, which also showcases the scenic campus, including every camper’s favorite spot, the pool, in the background. Why did Emma include such a realistic and familiar-looking lifeguard, you ask? That’s because her brother, Zack, is a lifeguard – it’s him! This gorgeous mural is located outside of the camp office. Come check it out!