Our Programs

At Beaver our programs provide a one-two punch of adventure and fun. General Camp is purposely broad to give your child the biggest sampling of the many activities and experiences we have to offer. Each division of General Camp is intentionally designed to challenge our campers in the supportive environment of a close-knit group. As campers come back to Beaver each summer, they grow more, explore and discover where their passions lie. To encourage them in making their own choices and diving deeper into what interests them most, our wide range of Specialty Camps focus on those specific activities that fuel our more mature campers’ imaginations.

General Camp (ages 3-13)

Our two-week sessions offer your child the best of camp in every sense of the word. Against the backdrop of our beautiful Chestnut Hill campus, your camper will enjoy:

  • Extra attention from the low counselor-to-camper ratios in each group
  • Activities that are led by experienced, adult specialists
  • A schedule filled with activities designed to meet his or her needs as they mature through our program
  • A wide variety of activities to choose from including sports, performing and visual arts and much more
  • Daily instructional swim
  • Increasing levels of choice as he or she grows older
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Specialty Camps (ages 6-15)

The great thing about being a little older, is that it comes with special perks. For more mature campers, our one- and two-week programs offer an intensive experience in the kind of activities that interest them the most. Our range of Specialty Camps include arts, trips and sports programs. Spend a session mastering the trapeze, building a chair with your own hands, camping under the stars, or screaming down a water slide.