Our Covid-19 Plan

Important Vaccination Information for Summer 2022:

Beaver Summer Camp makes no Covid-19 related decisions lightly. We take into account national and local data, as well as information from the CDC, local board of health, and state guidelines. Scientific data collected thus far demonstrates that communities with higher vaccination rates have fewer and milder cases of Covid-19, including the Delta and other variants. As a result, Beaver Summer Camp has the following vaccination policies for Summer 2022:

  • All staff will be fully vaccinated at Beaver Summer Camp for 2022.
  • We are mask-friendly environment. Individuals are welcome to wear a mask, although they are not required.
  • We highly encourage all families to vaccinate their children for ages where the vaccine is under emergency use authorization (5 years-15 years and 11 months). 
  • If the FDA fully approves a vaccine for children as young as 5, families will have an 8 week grace period to vaccinate eligible campers.
  • Parents/caregivers can apply for religious and medical exemptions; conversations about religious exemptions and any necessary forms will be handled through the camp office.

Covid-19 Protocols for Summer 2022 (Updated June 2022):

At Beaver Summer Camp, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards for health and safety, and you can rely on us to implement the most effective and up-to-date practices recommended by the CDC, the State Department of Public Health, and our local Board of Health.

Pre- Screening

We strongly encourage all staff and campers to test at home before starting camp each Monday of the season. If an individual receives a positive test result from an at-home rapid antigen test, they must report the positive test to the Camp. Negative tests do not need to be reported. We also encourage all staff and parent/caregivers of campers to assess their health each morning and to stay home if they are exhibiting particular symptoms. In an effort to prevent the spread of illness, in general, if your camper is feeling sick, please keep them home from camp.

Feeling Sick at Camp

  • If an individual (staff member or camper) begins to develop symptoms at Camp, the person feeling ill must go to the health office to be assessed by the Health Staff. The Health Staff will further screen and assess.
  • The Health Staff will contact the symptomatic camper’s parent/caretakers and determine next steps, or advise the symptomatic staff member.

Staff Not Feeling Well 

  • If a Staff member is not feeling well, they are encouraged to take a test at home before coming to work, monitor symptoms and stay home if needed. 

Positive Test and Isolation Protocols

  • In the event that a member of the Camp community tests positive for COVID-19, we will advise that community member (or their parent/caregivers) of Camp protocols.
    • Individuals who test positive: 
      • should notify the Camp, isolate for 5 days (except to get medical care), monitor for symptoms/symptom development, and notify personal close contacts. In order to return to campus, the individual should have complete resolution of symptoms (if symptomatic) and a negative test. Individuals will remain masked indoors through day 10 unless actively eating or drinking.

Potential Exposure

In the event that an individual has been exposed to COVID-19, the individual should do the following:

  • If asymptomatic
    • No quarantine is required if no symptoms develop. Best practice includes a self-test on day 2 and 5 after exposure. Exposed individuals should mask indoors through day 10.
  • If symptomatic
    • Stay home and monitor symptoms. They can return to camp after improvement in symptoms, and without fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. Self-testing when symptomatic is best practice. They should mask indoors through day 10.
  • Information about how to access tests will be provided to the Camp community.

Our full COVID-Policy can be found in the Parent/Caregiver Handbook.

**As the situation evolves, we will communicate more information regarding any adjustments to our programming and protocols in a transparent and timely manner.