Our COVID-19 Plan

At Beaver Summer Camp, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards for health and safety, and you can rely on us to implement the most effective and up-to-date practices recommended by the CDC, the State Department of Public Health, and our local Board of Health. These practices are subject to change as our knowledge of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, evolves or we become aware of any other infectious diseases, and as other circumstances shift. We will update you with any pertinent changes to our protocols. Our full summary of our COVID-19 and Infectious Disease Plan can be found in our Parent/Caregiver Handbook. A few key elements in our prevention strategy include:

  • Pre-screening of Community and Vaccination Status
    • We encourage every community member to monitor how they are feeling each day and to access our professionally staffed Health Office if they need assessment.
    • In order to work at Beaver Summer Camp, staff must have received an initial COVID-19 vaccination sequence. 
    • We highly encourage all families to vaccinate their children for ages where the vaccine remains under emergency use authorization (this includes campers up to the age of 15 years and 11 months). 
    • Parents/caregivers can apply for religious and medical exemptions for vaccines; conversations about religious exemptions and any necessary forms will be handled through the Camp Office.
  • Handwashing and Hygiene
  • Cleanliness of Physical Spaces, Ventilation and Filtration
  • Face Masks
    • We are mask-friendly environment. Individuals are welcome to wear a mask, although they are not required.